Need to buy a home or car but credit score too low ? You've come to the right place! 

Let Us Improve Your Credit Score!

With a low credit score it is almost impossible to buy that home or car you may need. We are the #1 Credit Repair company in Michigan! We can help you achieve a 700+ credit score or better! 

    Our program provides you with:
    • Information on how to raise your credit score to 700+
    • ​We teach you how to build positive credit history so you can be APPROVED by creditors 
    • ​Information on how to ELIMINATE ALL your negative remarks! 


    • Save Thousands of Dollars in Interest Every Year
    • ​Purchase New Vehicle
    • ​Buy or Refinance Your Home
    • ​Get Approved For Credit Cards
    • ​Get a Better Job
    •    ​Reach Financial Goals 

      How It Works 

      We go over your credit report by preparing a Credit Analysis for you to review. This will allow us to find negative items that are inaccurate, educate you on the credit repair process, and last but not least, come up with a game plan with you to improve your credit.    

           ​Easy access to your account 24/7 for live status updates on improvements on your credit report and scores.​ We dispute negative and inaccurate information so that you can get the credit score you deserve.

           We’ll maximize your score so you can achieve your goals and learn how to maintain your awesome credit long after our work is done.​ You will just need to sit back and relax! Once you see your scores increase, you will be able to save thousands in interest for years to come! 

      We Guarantee Results Or Your Money Back!


      We specialize in restoring your credit! We will work diligently on your behalf to delete negative items such as: 

      Medical Bills 

      Collections/Charge Offs

      Child Support 


      Public Records 

      Late Payments 

      What Happens Once You Complete The Program? These Clients Upgraded Their Rides! 

       "If you haven’t gotten with Greene's Financial Services to get your credit right or find a car you’re missing out! They are amazing and helped me out so much these past few months! ‼️🤞🏻

       I was so hesitant to get a brand new vehicle, because of my credit and the hassle, But Greene's Financial Services literally made everything so easy! I told them what I wanted, he got me approved within an hour and found the car. Tomorrow she’s getting dropped off at my house ready for me. ‼️🤯🥳
      Go get with them & get your credit right and get the car of your dreams. 💸🤘🏻"~Layla~

      "I’m so thankful for this thank you Greene's Financial Services for your help!

      Here is one of my BIG MOVES!
      I’m beyond happy 😊 and Excited ! Yess next is a house !! Went from driving my moms car to owning my own and I’m so proud of myself ! Once again thank you Greene's Financial Services for helping me out ! I really appreciate it !!"

      "Thanks to Greene's Financial Services I was able to clean up my credit and get into a more reliable vehicle!"

      About Me:

      Owner: Malik Greene 

      At a early age I learned that good credit can be the difference from a good and bad life. I made every mistake possible with my credit at the age of 18, little did I know my bad choices would effect me for the next 7 years.. at least I thought. At the age of 20 I got a job at a dealership and very quickly learned how important credit was, this opened my eyes and changed the way I viewed "Credit". I knew I needed to fix my credit, and I was willing to do just about anything. I started researching "credit repair" and learned that you can have negative remarks deleted from your report without waiting 7 years for it to fall off. I soon started working on my credit and started getting results! I worked on my credit for 11 months and by time I was 21 I had reestablished my credit to 710+ and bought my dream home in 2018. I opened my credit repair business in May of 2019 and have helped thousands rebuild their credit. Lets fast forward to 2021 I just bought a home and moved my entire family from Michigan to Florida for more opportunities. A move like this is not possible with bad credit, and this is why I say good credit is the difference from a good life and a bad life. If you've made mistakes in the past and are ready to clean them up and build for the future. This program is for you!  

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